Our Mission

Team ICANSPARKMAN has a mission to assist individuals with cerebral palsy and civilians -- adaptive and able-bodied -- in participating in and completing obstacle course races, road races, marathons, triathlons, adaptive wheelchair boxing, music therapy and much more. We are committed to communicating curriculum that reaches and teaches our children, teens, and young adults-- iCaNSpaRkMaN is more than a movement - It's a Life Stance!

We strive to be a leading provider of funding for individuals with cerebral palsy to participate in life-changing adaptive sports and music therapy. ICANSPARKMAN is an American-made lifestyle apparel brand that exists to support individuals with Cerebral Palsy. Our goal is to show individuals with cerebral palsy how to live a "Life Without Limits" lifestyle in every aspect of life and to inspire everyone to do the same.

 We believe that by staying active and focusing on that next upcoming goal, anyone can realize their full potential. We want to inspire and show YOU how to become who YOU are at your best.